Mª ?ngeles Zapata Castillo

Doctor in Musicology by the Independent University of Madrid, under the direction of Dra. Begoña Lolo Herranz, director of the CSIPM (Center Superior of Investigation and Promotion of Music). At the moment it centers his works of investigation in subjects dedicated to music and the women, Music and women are director of the investigation group “. Studies of sort? pertaining to SEdeM (Spanish Society of Musicology).

She is artistic director of the FEMAL (Festival of Old Music of Lorquí) and of MOMUA (Festival Molina Música Antigua). At the moment it collaborates with the Symphony orchestra of the Region of Murcia realising notes to the program of his cycles of concerts.

It initiates his musical studies in the Municipal School of Music of Safe Oil mill of (Murcia) and it later continues them in the Conservatory Superior of Manuel Massotti Little Music of Murcia where it obtains the professional title of Guitar, while license in Biological Sciences, Environmental specialty, in the Independent University of Madrid.

Later the Degree in History and Sciences of Music by the University of La Rioja study of musicology obtaining.

It completes his formation with studies of Choral Direction, Musical Creativity, Interpretation and Choral Technique, Song and Vocal Technique, with directors as Lluis Villa i Casañas, Pep Villa, Alfred Cañamero, Mireia Barrera, Emilio of Linde, José Ramón Gil Tárrega and Manuel Dimbwadyo. One specializes in the interpretation of old music with the musicologist and French director Marcel Pérès, Peter Phillips, director of the The Tallis Scholars, Óscar Gershensohn, director of the Real de Madrid Chapel, and other professors as Gerardo Arriaga, Claudia Rolando, Isaac Alonso de Molina and Paloma Gutiérrez of the Stream.

From year 2003 its activity as director with the Infantile Choir of the School of Pedro Chamorro Music begins more intensely. In 2004 it directs to the Vocal Group Arnold Schönberg and the Arsis Choir, organizers of Encuentro the International of Music Coral Religiosa de Caravaca de la Cruz.

On 2005 it founds and it directs to the Group of Camera the Arcadia, with which the musical and theater spectacle is interpreted Madnesses and Enchantments: the music of a gentleman, for whom it fixes and it composes part of music. One imagines in different theaters from the Region of Murcia and in the Audience Víctor Villegas of Murcia within the cycle the Choirs in the Audience, agreeing with IV the Centenary of the Quijote.

In 2006 it organizes and it directs to the I Course the International of Initiation to Canto Coral Infantil House of the Culture of Tulum (Been of Quintana Roo, Mexico), sponsored by the Educative and Cultural Services, the Primary School General Octaviano Solís Aguirre and the House of the Culture of Tulum.

In 2009 it directs the choir of feminine voices YaHelo Korai with which it participates, that same year, in XXVII the Festival the International of Music of Cantonigròs (Barcelona).

Its professional activity is distributed between teaching, the choral direction and the musicológica investigation.

From May of 2008 to 2009 end, it comprises of the project of literary and musical Ecfrasis investigation. Theoretical and practical approaches of the School of Modern Letters, the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Independent University of Mexico (UNAM), with support of project PAPIIT IN402007-2, directed by the Dra. Susana González Aktories and the Dra. Irene Artigas. With him, it publishes “sonorous Pictures: Glenn Gould and the Goldberg Variations from Literature?, within the book Between Arts/Acts, Ecfrasis and Intermedialidad.

Within the “Masters in Investigation and Management of the Artistic and Cultural Historical Patrimony?, that attends in the University of Murcia realises, in September of 2009, its thesis of Masters musical Relations between the house of Austria and the Viceroyalty of the New Spain during century XVI, project directed by the Dr. Juan Miguel González Martínez.

It has distributed courses in the UIMP Box Feminae: The woman composer, interpreter and choral source of inspiration in medieval music, and factories, the Arts and the letters in Education of history, in center of Professors and Resources, or in IX the Forum than Music, dedicated More that edition to music through time.

It has been member P.D.I (personal educational investigator) in the Catholic University of San Antonio de Murcia, of Education of the Musical Expression, Vocal Formation, Instrumental Expression and Methodologies of Musical Education within the Degree of Primary Education, coordinating the mention in music and of Formation to discipline in music, Innovation in the Musical Education and Introduction to the musical Investigation within the Masters of teacher training. Also Analysis of the choreographic fact? within the Masters of Dance and scenic Arts of the same university has been member of the investigation group “.