DeMusica Ensemble is a centered feminine vocal group in repertoires of medieval, Renaissance and baroque music. It must his name to the treaty “Of music?, of San Agustín, whom part of its philosophical dialogues trains written during century IV. One is a dialogue of neoplatonic inspiration that had much repercussion in the Renaissance composers. In him, music is conceived as one of the liberal disciplines that lead to the philosophical contemplation and, ultimately, to the theology and the supreme thing.

Winners in April of 2010, the first prize in IX the National Contest of Music of Camera “Francisco Salzillo? in the category of Vocal Grouping Camerística.

They are organizing from its foundation in 2015 of the Festival of Old Music of Lorquí, FEMAL, and of the MOMUA, Festival Oil mill Old Music in 2017. They have been selected from 2016 to enter the catalogue of groups dedicated to the old music of Libro de Oro of Music in Spain, published by the Orfeo Foundation.

Throughout these years numerous festivals and cycles specialized in old music inside and outside Spain have acted in, as the Week of Religious Music of River basin SMRC, the Festival the International of Old Music of Peñíscola, the Cycle of historical Organs of Castille-La Mancha, with the historical organs of Férez and Villa de Ves, the Festival the International of Baroque Music, José de Nebra in Calatayud (Saragossa), the Festival of Old Music of Granada (MAG), Festival Three Cultures of Murcia, the Festival of Old Music of Gijon, Old Music Castillo de Aracena, among others.

In 2016 they record his first record work Or clarissima to mater: Feminine convents, nuns composers, dedicated to completely to women composers. In July they wear for the first time his Pure-blooded program “Distinguished; A feminine glance?, in FEMAL 2016.  In 2017 they remove to the market its second disc POLORUM REGINA, dedicated to the medieval codices of century XIV, Llibre Vermell de Monserrat and the Laudario de Bobbio, in collaboration with Orientis Partibus, Ensemble I gave Medievale Music, engraving in the Abbey of Sitiria, Fonteavellana (Italy).

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