The first part of the program approaches as much religious music as profane. Two sacred works, two motetes Glory to God in the Highest and Or sacrum are interpreted convivium.

First part has also been selected for this two Aryans of opera, your m'a my, sospiri and Stizzoso, mine stizzoso, an Aryan of the opera buffa, “the La serva padrona?, one of most popular and controverted of their musical comedies, sort where it emphasized Pergolesi.

The second part of the concert concentrates in the religious work Marian Stabat Mater. The Stabat Mater is a catholic sequence of century XIII, given to the Pope Inocencio III and to the franciscan monk Jacopone da Todi. This plegaria that begins with the words Stabat painful Mater (was the Mother suffering) meditates on the suffering of Maria, the mother of Jesus, during the crucifixion.