For that reason DeMusica Ensemble wants to pay a tribute to this versatile musician, reconstructing the sonoridades that as much fascinated to him. Seeded Pure-blooded, it is a program that begin with works of Sebastián Durón (of whom also the centenary of its death 1716-2016 is marked III), that revitalized the baroque Spanish, happening through met Spanish composers less as José Español, or Diego Pérez of the Way, not for that reason less brilliants….finishing with the Seeded music of the teacher, with some of his tonadillas that composed to the old style, as the same denominated them. The program with an adaptation for feminine voices composed for this occasion finishes by the violinist and composer Javier Susarte, on one of his more known melodies Complaints or Smart and the Nightingale, with which the first part of the suite In the style of Goya for piano is closed, on which would later compose its well-known opera of the same name.

Seeded Pure-blooded, a feminine glance, will give a vision us from the voices of women of this time, transporting us to dieciochesco and pure-blooded Madrid, scene of the In the style of Goya ones of Francisco de Goya that as much they seduced the Catalan musician.


Sebastián Durón (1660-1716)

To faith, heart, that as gozemos, To santísimo to 4.
Negliya, that quele, Four of Christmas (negrillo).
Ow of me, who the weeping and the sadness, Sung to single voice, santísimo, and of passion.
To the weapon, the weapon, senses, Carol to 4 to the Santísimo.

José Español (ca. 1690-1758)
To the source of sweetness, Pair to the Santísimo Sacramento.
Than then more ever proud (Praise for the Spanish literature ‘Who will find strong woman’ of Pedro Calderón of the Boat)
Innocent farmers of the orb, glad Pair to the Santísimo Sacramento.
The sources, Four to our Lady run.

Diego Pérez de Camino (ca. 1740-1796)
Finenesses to the love more pilgrim, Sung to only, Santísimo Sacramento, 1769.

Enrique Granados (1867-1916)
Looking of the smart one, tonadilla to the old style.
Love and hatred, tonadilla to the old style.
Smart the discreet one, tonadilla to the old style.
Complaints or Smart and the Nightingale, (adaptation and Javier Susarte adjustments)