Through music we will unite the instrumental sounds of the Ensemble I gave Music Medievale Orientis Partibus, that has its headquarters in You take root (Italy), city pilgrim also, with its landlord San Francesco, and the voices of women of DeMusica Ensemble, Feminine GrupoVocal of Old Music, who have their headquarters in Murcia.

The project includes chat-confers divulging on music and the time of the manuscript, so that the public knows the repertoire that is going to listen, and finally a concert presentation of the CD-DVD that has been recorded altogether of the Free Vermell and the Laudario I gave Bobbio, by both formation, in the Monastery I gave Fonte Avellana, in Italy. In the video is making-off of the recording, as well as all the cities implied in this project, Italian as as much Spanish, in this case, and will serve to harness tourist to all of them, since an ample diffusion will become of him.

Really a sensorial, visual and auditory experience, to combine to the towns through the music of its common past.