With this program DeMusica Ensemble it confronts one of his majors challenges for 2019, year in which the anniversary X of the foundation of the group is fulfilled.

It is a program dedicated to the medieval creative women, writers and composers.

Music to works of the medieval mystics, Hildegard von Bingen, Shod of Landsberg, Beatriz de Nazareth will be put to him, Gertrudris de Helfta. And Juliana de Norwich. We will listen to the melodies and texts of trobairitz, Tibor de Saremon and Beatriz de Día.

Finally we will listen to texts of the first women in writing in his own language between centuries XIII and XIV, the beguines. Free women who lived in center on Europe during the Middle Ages, as Hadewijch de Antwerp, Matilde de Magdeburgo and Margarita Porete, executed in the bonfire in 1310.

For it, director Mª Ángeles Zapata has adapted literary texts of all these women to the music of the main European musical codices of centuries XIII – XIV.

All the works are unpublished, new creations uniting the voices of women of the past and the present.



HILDEGARD Bon BINGEN (benedictine Nun, 1098-1179)

1.Quia Ergo

SHOD OF LANDSBERG (Augustinian Nun, ca. 1130-1195)

2. Primus parens
3.Sol oritur

GETRUDIS OF HELFTA (benedictine Nun, 1256-1302)

4. Or speciosa love meridies

BEATRIZ OF NAZARTEH (Cistercian Nun, 1200-1268)

5. Eerte Manier. Zuiverende Liefde

JULIAN DE NORWICH (Mystical, 1342-1416)

6. All shall sees well


TIBOR OF SAREMON (Trobairitz, 1130-1198)

7. Bels dous Amics

BEATRIZ By day (Trobairitiz (ca. 1140 – 1212)

8. To chantar


HADEWIJCH of ANTWERP (Beguine, ca. 1240)

9. POEM V. Strofische Gedichten
10. IC groete dat IC mines
11. Die voeghele singhen clare
12. Ow, to cout is a die Winter


13. Such animae
MATILDE OF MAGDEBURGO (Beguine, 1206-1294)
14. Die wostin hat zwolf ding