It was born in 1980 in Yereván (Armenia). The 6 years it began the studies of music in the State School of Music of Ter- Ghevondyan de Yereván in piano class and song. In 1996-2000 it has studied in the Conservatory of Music of Average degree of Babadzhanyan in the faculty of “Musicology and pedagogy? that I finish with Diploma of honor. During years 2001-2005 it has studied in the Conservatory Superior of Music of Komias in Ereván with professors Gohar Gasparian and Alexandr Tamazov and repertorista Nvard Marujyan, that I finish with the Title Superior of Song and the extraordinary Prize.

As of year 2005 it resides and it works in Spain. In May of 2006 it realised its first Lyrical Recital in the church of the Carmen in Murcia, interpreting Aryan of you operate and Lied. In 2007 it prepares a concert with its students in the Cultural CAM of Orihuela with the name “Young promises of the song?. In 2006-2008 it has participated in several concerts as soloist in different scenes. In March of 2009 “Voice of Alma? acted in the Audience of Bigastro with the program achieving a success between the song lovers.

From August of 2009 it acts in concerts as soloist with the Lyrical Union Orcelitana de Orihuela. From the May of 2012 it is member of the Feminine Vocal Group of Old Music “DeMusica Ensemble?

It has realised several skillful courses and classes with singers as Montserrat Caballe, Antonella De Chiara, ortiz Francisco, Fiorenza Ippolito and repertoristas Balbina Serna and Irina Zhebrun.

In its repertoire they include You operate, Zarzuelae, Oratorical, Lied, Romances in Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Armenian.